“Through research we WILL positively impact the future of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and change their lives.”

Retired clinical research scientist Dr. Wendy Horbay (PhD) has had a career-long commitment to improving the lives of patients in need and enhancing knowledge sharing. She brings extensive scientific, clinical and research knowledge to the health charities sector.

As a strategic, innovative, integrity and ethics-driven leader, she remains focused on healthcare improvement and patient advocacy, taking a team approach and drawing on her extensive management and organizational change management experiences and communications skills to develop strong partnerships.

Wendy was formerly a member of the Parkinson Society Canada National Board of Directors. She is the Vice Chair of the Parkinson Canada Research Policy Committee. Wendy lives in Toronto and is also currently on the board of directors of the Alzheimer Society of Ontario.

Wendy’s late mother lived with Parkinson’s disease, giving first-hand experience to her entire family.