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You are invited to participate in a Focus Group Study titled “Parkinson Disease Care Partnerships:  Bridging Perspectives in Clinical Self-Management Interventions”

We are recruiting for 3 focus groups involving:

  1. People diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD);
  2. Primary care partners/informal caregivers of those diagnosed with PD; and
  3. Healthcare professionals caring for those living with PD to participate in a research study investigating how self-management skills are taught in clinical settings and how healthcare professionals can meet the needs of care partnerships living with PD. The study will involve one focus group at a local community centre with 3-5 other participants of the same category. You will be asked questions about how important self-management skills are to you and how healthcare professionals meet these needs. The focus group will last 30-60 minutes.

In order to be eligible for this study, you must:

  1. Be one of the following:
    1. An individual diagnosed with Parkinson disease by a neurologist, OR
    2. The primary care partner for a person diagnosed with PD for at least one year, OR
    3. A healthcare professional who treats at least 6 people with PD per year (e.g., neurologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, etc.)
  2. Be able to communicate in English about your experiences associated with Parkinson disease. You must be able to recall and describe past experiences.
  3. Not have a neurological condition other than PD.

Contact information

Name: Danielle Hudson
Email: dbellbou@uwo.ca
Phone: 519-870-0672

Name: Dr. Denise Connelly
Email: dconnell@uwo.ca
Phone: 519-661-2111 extension 82238

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