200 years closer to unlocking Parkinson’s disease

TORONTO, ON, March 29, 2017 –It’s been 200 years since English physician James Parkinson first described the brain disease named after him in An Essay on the Shaking Palsy. Since 1817, major advances have been made in Parkinson’s research, including the development of various drug and other therapies to treat disease symptoms. And yet we still do not know precisely what causes … Read More

Parkinson Canada reaches out to pharmacists to enhance their ability to advise people living with the disease

Parkinson Canada is reaching out to pharmacists with an online, learning module to enhance their ability to advise people living with the disease.[/caption] TORONTO, ON, October 4, 2016 — It’s no surprise that pharmacists are an important member of the health care team for a person with Parkinson’s. Pharmacists advise them about their medications, potential side effects and possible adverse interactions … Read More

Parkinson Canada research sparks meaningful impact

TORONTO, ON, September 28, 2016 – Parkinson Canada has great expectations for the 19 researchers receiving new grant, fellowship and student awards over the next two years. They will not only advance our knowledge of Parkinson’s, a complex brain disease, but also they will interpret and share their knowledge with other health professionals, often treat individuals living with Parkinson’s and continue … Read More

Canadian study of neurological conditions provides new vital information on the impact of Parkinson’s disease

TORONTO, ON, September 11, 2014 – Parkinson Society Canada is excited to share today’s release of the report on The National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions by the Public Health Agency of Canada in partnership with Neurological Health Charities Canada. The four-year, $15 million study investigated the scope of 14 neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, and how they affect Canadians, … Read More