Dr. Susan Fox Appointed Division Director for Neurology

Parkinson Canada is pleased to recognize Dr. Susan Fox on her recent appointment as the new Division Director of Neurology for the Department of Medicine at University Health Network and Sinai Health System, effective August 1, 2019. Dr. Fox has served on many grant review committees, journal editorial boards and advisory boards, and serves as chair of Parkinson Canada’s Medical … Read More

Parkinson Canada Showcases Excellence through Continued Accreditation from Imagine Canada

(Toronto, June 20, 2019) Parkinson Canada is pleased to announce that it is accredited since 2013 under the rigorous Imagine Canada Standards Program for demonstrating excellence in five areas of operations. “Parkinson Canada is proud of our continued accreditation as one of 240 organizations in good standing in the Imagine Canada Standards Program,” says Joyce Gordon, CEO of Parkinson Canada. “We … Read More

Merck reports actual and anticipated drug shortage and discontinuation of certain formulations

UPDATED April 3, 2019 Parkinson Canada is aware of the current status of actual and anticipated Sinemet® shortages and the discontinuation of Sinemet® CR. Merck Canada informed Drug Shortages Canada with new information on April 3, 2019, of supply constraints related to all Sinemet® products available in Canada and the discontinuation of Sinemet CR®. Visit www.drugshortagescanada.ca for the current status. … Read More

Parkinson Canada targets gaps in services and treatments

TORONTO, ON, March 26, 2019—Whether you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s or the care partner to someone in their third decade of living with this life-changing disease, timely information, care and treatments makes the difference between living well and experiencing hardship. This April, during Parkinson Awareness Month, Parkinson Canada wants Canadians to know that they can now access tools and resources … Read More

Canadian Open Parkinson Network funding begins collaboration platform to accelerate Parkinson’s disease research and knowledge

TORONTO, ON — (November 27, 2018)—Parkinson Canada together with Brain Canada are pleased to announce the creation of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN). The $2 million Platform Grant is intended to support the initial development and maintenance of a large-scale research network that is built on the foundation of the established and successful Quebec Parkinson Network (QPN), and involve multiple provinces, … Read More

Opportunity to Participate in Global Survey on Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Joint Initiative of McGill University Health Centre and Montreal Neurological Institute We believe that many patients with neurological diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis in particular, experience considerable pain and other often “hidden” symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, mood disturbance, and fatigue, which contribute to the global burden of suffering. We have joined forces with Dr. Ron Postuma, a researcher and … Read More

What to expect in the event of a postal strike

Canada Post is in a legal position to strike, as early as Monday, October 22, 2018. This may affect how you communicate with Parkinson Canada and how we process offline donations, receipts and tribute cards. If a disruption occurs, we will mail out receipts and cards as soon as service delivery is restored. You may wish to consider making your … Read More

Canadians United for a Cure for Parkinson’s At Parkinson Canada SuperWalk 2018

 (Toronto, Ontario—September 19, 2018.)—Communities across Canada rallied in support of people living with Parkinson’s and in search of a cure earlier this month. More than 10,000 participants including 4,000 walkers came together to raise over $2.4 million. People living with Parkinson’s were joined by family and friends, healthcare professionals, dedicated volunteers, and researchers across the country. Participants and supporters have raised … Read More

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s: Corus Entertainment’s CuriousCast Partners with Parkinson Canada in New Series

Seasoned Broadcaster and Person with Parkinson’s, Larry Gifford Hosts the Podcast, Launching September 12 VANCOUVER, September 10, 2018—What happens When Life Gives You Parkinson’s? That’s the question Larry Gifford is working to answer in a new podcast venture with Corus Entertainment’s CuriousCast and Parkinson Canada. The series launches Wednesday, September 12, and shares Gifford’s journey as he comes to terms with the disease that affects millions and is understood … Read More