Because of you, today is an extraordinary day!


A note of gratitude from Bob Kuhn on National Philanthropy Day

Today marks National Philanthropy Day, a special day to celebrate the generosity of our incredible community of donors, volunteers and supporters.  

Every dollar invested, every hour volunteered, and every message of support makes a difference for people living with Parkinson’s, inspiring and empowering our community to live well. 

Thank you for investing your time, donations and trust. You help ensure a full, vibrant life is still possible for Canadians living with Parkinson’s. 

Bob Kuhn, Chair of our Parkinson’s Advisory Council, has a personal message of thanks to share with our incredible community of supporters: 

Because of you, today is an extraordinary day.  

Today is National Philanthropy Day, a day that for me, as a Canadian living with Parkinson’s and a Parkinson Canada volunteer, is filled with special gratitude for you.

Thanks to the support of our compassionate community, my family and I have had dependable information, resources and support available to us through Parkinson Canada at every stage of my journey.

Since I was first diagnosed in 2006, and thanks to you, I have been increasingly enabled to realize a better quality of life through new innovations. And you have given me hope through investments in game-changing research.

Your generosity, as tangible evidence of your caring, brings us closer to a future we all envision: a future in which every Canadian with Parkinson’s is empowered to live well.

It is a future we are creating together. And I cannot thank you enough – today, and every day!


Bob Kuhn
Chair, Parkinson Advisory Council

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