Albertans are heading to the polls on May 29, 2023!

Manitoba is heading to the polls on October 3, 2023!

Parkinson Canada is asking the Manitoba members of our community to reach out to your electoral candidates and ask them to prioritize Parkinson’s. There are more than 4000 Canadians living with Parkinson’s residing in Manitoba, and the average wait time to see a specialist is eight months. It is time that the government recognizes that the province’s healthcare outcomes need improvement.

This is the opportunity to have your voice heard.

For additional ways to get involved, please download the 2023 Manitoba Election Toolkit. This step-by-step guide provides tips on how to effectively engage with elected officials and candidates, key information and data on Parkinson’s and the current realities of healthcare in Manitoba, and key strategic asks.

Please join Parkinson Canada in sending a clear message to your electoral candidate that Manitoba deserves better healthcare outcomes and make your vote matter!