A Year of Hope – Wrapping up SuperWalk 2023


SuperWalk 2023 was a testament to unity and resilience. This event embodies the spirit of hope and progress. Together, we’ve not only made strides towards a brighter future for those living with Parkinson’s but also created lasting memories and inspiring moments. 

“What stood out for me personally was the sense of community everyone felt. We want to foster that sense wherever we can – between researchers and patients, different organizations in Canada, and even here within Parkinson Canada. I met a lot of people who were newly diagnosed and were volunteering for the first time, and I think an event like this is a great way to engage and connect them to the rest of the community.” – Karen Lee, PhD, President & CEO, Parkinson Canada. 

“My mother is a champion living with Parkinson’s; she inspires me every day. My mission is to create as much awareness and fundraising as possible. I want to make next year and the year after even bigger!” – Donna Saker, radio host from The Beat 92.5, Montréal. 

This year, SuperWalk saw an incredible display of unity and resilience as individuals and teams from across the nation gathered, with 2,200 participants in total, all dedicated to walking, fundraising, and raising awareness for Parkinson’s. Through this support and dedication, we truly embody the spirit of SuperWalk – a celebration of life, hope, and progress. Additionally, the event raised over $1 million online to date, and with donations still coming in, including cash/cheque donations, we anticipate that we will meet our goal of $1,267,500. But the impact of SuperWalk extends far beyond the event itself. It echoes in the words of those who participated, the donors who generously contributed, and the communities that rallied together, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to partnering, connecting, and fueling programs and services that directly impact the lives of those living with Parkinson’s and their circle of care.  

The MacMillan family in particular embodies the philosophy of Connie MacMillan, a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and matriarch. “Her thirty-plus-year battle with Parkinson’s has now progressed to the point that she is unable to personally attend walks. She has participated in SuperWalk since it started both in Halifax and New Brunswick when she lived there. Her philosophy has always been that ‘actions speak louder than words’. She has instilled this philosophy in her family, and we continue to support her and Parkinson Canada by our ongoing participation.” – Scott MacMillan, captain of the top team in Halifax.

The generosity of donors, like you, fuels the mission of Parkinson Canada. These events provide additional opportunities to connect, learn, and make a difference. While SuperWalk 2023 has concluded, the commitment to supporting those affected by Parkinson’s persists. Parkinson Canada’s impact extends to research and innovation, funding breakthroughs and supporting future leaders. Our advocacy efforts led to a $46 billion increase in healthcare funding. So, when you participate in events like SuperWalk and generously donate, you are not only supporting a specific cause but also becoming an integral part of a broader movement—a movement dedicated to improving lives, advancing medical knowledge and research, as well as advocating for a world free from the challenges of Parkinson’s disease. Your commitment reverberates through the hearts of individuals, families, and communities, making a profound and lasting impact on the journey toward a brighter future for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. 

We invite you to explore other upcoming Parkinson Canada events and initiatives throughout the year. These events provide additional opportunities to connect, learn, and make a difference: https://www.parkinson.ca/getinvolved/events/ 

Looking ahead to a brighter future:

We’re excited to announce that SuperWalk 2024 is already on the horizon. Mark your calendars for September 7-8, 2024, spread the word, and get ready for another unforgettable experience. 

Once again, thank you for being a part of SuperWalk 2023. Your dedication and enthusiasm inspires us all.

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