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April is Parkinson Awareness Month & April 11 is World Parkinson Day

Make a Difference, No Matter What.
Joyce Gordon, CEO
Joyce Gordon
CEO, Parkinson Canada

Whether you live with Parkinson’s and want to attend an education event in your community; or you are a caregiver needing support and advice, welcome to Parkinson Canada. Family members, those seeking credible information to understand what your new diagnosis means, and health professionals looking for resources to share with  patients about the disease and treatments—we have something unique for each of you, served up on a variety of channels and formats. We hope our menu of service offerings appeals to you and leaves you both satisfied and yet hungry for more knowledge.

This April, during Parkinson Awareness Month, Parkinson Canada wants Canadians to know that they can access tools and resources to help manage their life with Parkinson’s. In particular, the focus is on tools and tips to facilitate communication with members of their care team in various healthcare settings. And we are able to provide these extensive virtual and printable resources thanks to our generous supporters and donors.

I suggest people living with Parkinson’s and healthcare professionals explore our newest resource: Managing My Parkinson’s Disease in Healthcare Settings. We recently heard from clients in Cornwall, Ontario about the value they find in tools like this. For Penny and Vernon Eccles of Cornwall being informed gives them the confidence to know they are well prepared for life events, like the surgery Vernon will undergo shortly. Penny shared that she feels better prepared to advocate for Vernon, adding that she spends about the equivalent of a full day each week planning for and attending appointments with Vernon.

Keeping informed about the disease is one of our best tools to living well.

You’ll find plenty of information no matter where you are on your Parkinson’s journey or whatever your connection to someone living with the disease. Parkinson Canada’s recent collaborations and partnerships, as well as expert volunteers, have produced some outstanding publications that you can find on Parkinson.ca.

If you like facts served up in a webinar, you can register to participate in a range of upcoming webinars and podcasts on our Knowledge Network. Don’t worry if you have missed past presentations—these videos are available for replay on our YouTube channel and podcasts can be accessed from SoundCloud. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and you’ll automatically receive updates as new content is added.

You are not alone on your Parkinson’s journey.

We are here for you, with help and hope. We advocate with you and on your behalf for issues that matter to you. We are grateful to each individual and organization that makes our mission possible through a donation. We are proud to work with other organizations and expert volunteers, making it possible for us to deliver credible services and resources to you and your family, and to your healthcare team. And we are located across Canada, so contact us at a location that’s convenient for you.

Welcome if it’s your first time visiting Parkinson.ca.

Welcome back if you have visited us before. Want to share your questions or comments?  Send your feedback to communications@parkinson.ca.

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