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A celebration of love and giving through securities


It might be over 50 years since Lily and Norm Goldman’s wedding day, but their support for one another – much like their support for Parkinson Canada – feels as purposeful and boundless as that of two newlyweds.

Lily, a talented watercolorist born in Egypt, and Norm, a retired notary from Montreal, are as animated a couple as you might expect from a 50+ year partnership born of deep respect for one another. While the Goldmans have supported each other for the better part of half a century, they have more recently been navigating the sometimes- challenging waters of Lily’s Parkinson’s diagnosis more than 15 years ago.

“She was misdiagnosed,” recalls Norm. “No two people are alike… you can put 100 people together in a room and you’ll find that Parkinson’s doesn’t affect everyone in the same way.”

Allowing his curiosity to get the best of him, Norm found himself conducting a great deal of research to better understand Parkinson’s and the resources available for his wife. It was through Norm’s investigation that the couple discovered Parkinson Canada and learned about the organization’s research program. It was the beginning of a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Lily and Norm have loyally donated to Parkinson Canada for ten years and counting. In recent years, they have been giving through a gift of securities. Not only does their gift of securities provide them with the opportunity to invest in the research opportunities that appeal most to them, but it also affords them a larger tax credit each year during income tax season.

The Goldman’s see their gift of securities as a means to expedite Parkinson’s research and let researchers get back to what they’re best at – research. Allowing Parkinson’s researchers to spend less time worrying about securing funding means more time being spent finding better treatments, uncovering more about Parkinson’s and ultimately improving the quality of life for those impacted by Parkinson’s.

Gifts like Goldman’s play a major role in supporting a collaborative network of researchers dedicated to helping those impacted by Parkinson’s live well. For Lily and Norm, their securities donation provides the couple with a dual impact. First and foremost, the Goldman’s are front-and-center in supporting Parkinson’s research programs that are making positive changes in the lives of Canadians impacted by Parkinson’s. Second (and no less important), they’re maximizing both their gift to Parkinson Canada and their own tax return by giving through securities.

As Norm noted earlier, Parkinson’s symptoms can vary from person to person, and quality of life is impacted by misdiagnosis. The need for research support is greater than ever. Learn more about our research program and how you can support Parkinson Canada.

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