Parkinson Canada Ambassadors rally to help get Duodopa approved in British Columbia

We are pleased to announce that on February 14, 2017, the British Columbia (BC) government has approved coverage for Duodopa. This follows on more than a year of effort by Parkinson Canada Ambassadors and members of the Parkinson’s community to get approval for public drug coverage in BC.

Most recently, in January, Parkinson Ambassadors, with support from Parkinson Canada, launched a letter writing campaign directed to the British Columbia government asking for public funding for Duodopa. The response was outstanding.

Parkinson Canada would like to thank its Ambassadors for rallying together to ensure appropriate access to treatments for all Canadians. Together, with one voice, we are making a difference.

“It is due to the passion and dedication of these tireless volunteer Ambassadors that we have helped moved the yardstick as far as we have,” says Jacquie Micallef, Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Partnerships. “We rely on our community members to lend their voice to bring issues facing the Parkinson’s community forward to decision makers, and we are proud of the solutions that we achieve together.”

We are inspired by this recent victory and we know that there is more work to do; coverage for Duodopa is not Canada-wide. We need to ramp up our efforts to ensure Nova Scotians in need are not left behind. Join our campaign today and take action. You too can make a difference.
Here's how you can help if you live in Nova Scotia.

Living outside of Nova Scotia , and want to help your fellow Canadians? Here's how you can help.

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