Access to Treatments

Parkinson's sees no boundaries, but access to treatments does. We need your help to ensure all Canadians have equal access to treatment options at all stages of the disease.

You can join our efforts and take action today.

Here's how you can help if you live in Nova Scotia.
Living outside of Nova Scotia , and want to help your fellow Canadians? Here's how you can help.

There is no one size fits all for managing Parkinson's. Access to all safe and effective Health Canada approved options to treat Parkinson's, especially in the advanced stages, is critical. Effective management of advanced Parkinson's can prevent unnecessary and/or premature hospitalization, institutionalization, and even death.

Currently, there are gaps in access to a specific Health Canada approved treatment option for Canadians with advanced Parkinson's disease. The treatment is called DUODOPA®. The gaps in access are found in several provinces, including the Atlantic provinces. Canadians living in these provinces are at a disadvantage compared to most other Canadians living in other jurisdictions.

Parkinson Canada advocates for safe and effective choice and options for all Canadians with Parkinson's disease, regardless of where they live. Right now, this is not the case for nearly a quarter of Canadians living with Parkinson's. We need your help to change this.

Join us in contacting the decision-makers in Atlantic Canada (beginning with Nova Scotia) about the gaps in access to treatments for Parkinson's, including access to Duodopa®. We have tools to help you get engaged whether you live in these provinces or are a concerned Canadian from another region.