Cause Marketing

Parkinson Canada offers companies the opportunity to increase their exposure and align with the only national health charity serving the Parkinson's community in Canada. Parkinson Canada also has the distinction of being accredited by the Imagine Canada's Standards program, recognizing a quality of excellence in our governance, financial accountability and transparency.

Parkinson's disease affects about 7 million people globally. Right now in Canada some 100,000 individuals with Parkinson's are struggling with the stigma and daily challenges of living with this very complex neurological disease. By 2031 the Parkinson's population in Canada over the age of 40 is anticipated to increase by 65% and those over the age of 65 with Parkinson's disease will more than double. With more than ten people a day diagnosed in Canada, chances are you know someone who has been affected by Parkinson's disease.

Armed with the knowledge that the Parkinson's population in Canada is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years; now is an opportune time to align with Canada's largest non-governmental funder of Parkinson's disease research.

Vastly increasing awareness of Parkinson's disease creates a rare opening for businesses who are motivated to offer support for a critically important cause while conveying a leadership investment in health for Canadians that is both strategic and proactive.

Top Five Reasons to enter into a cause marketing relationship:

  1. Brand awareness for both the for-profit business and the not-for-profit organization
  2. Increased ability to attract and retain customers
  3. Increased ability to attract and retain employees
  4. Increased sales
  5. Exposure to new audiences

If you are interested in discussing cause-marketing initiatives with Parkinson's Canada please contact Jon Collins, Senior Manager, Events and Partnerships at 416-227-3370 or, or alternately Wendy Wong, Vice President, Resource Development at 416-227-3384 or


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