Corporate Match

It Takes a Community…
Your gift will change a life. Ask your employer to join you and do the same.

It takes a community to educate and support people affected by Parkinson’s disease. It also takes a community of dedicated donors, charitable organizations and businesses to fund these valuable initiatives and the research that will lead us to our ultimate goal of a cure.

You are a part of our community and you can inspire the kind of community action that will make a profound difference in the well-being of people living with Parkinson’s disease by doubling your donation through a corporate match.

Double the impact of your donation just by telling your employer that you give to Parkinson Canada - together we can inspire hope in our communities and work towards a cure.

The Steps

1. Make your donation
Make sure to keep your receipt. Many corporate matching programs will honor a donation within the year that it has been made.

2. Search for your employer using our lookup.
Check if your employer already has a corporate matching program. If you don’t see your employer, get in touch with your HR department to see if they would consider it and nominate Parkinson Canada for the first gift.

3. Ask for your match
Submit a photocopy of your donation to your corporate matching program and let us know that it is on the way by emailing us at

4. Make a long-term commitment
When starting a new job many employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charity of their choice through workplace giving programs through organizations like Health Partners and the United Way. Please ask about your company’s workplace giving program and if Parkinson Canada is offered as a donation option, please choose us as your charity of choice.

Questions? Contact us at