Hope in Bloom Launch 2017


The tulip is our symbol of hope for people living with Parkinson’s disease. Our purpose is to ease the burden and find a cure through research, education, advocacy and support services with funds raised from campaigns such as Hope in Bloom.

The Campaign raises funds through the sale of fresh-cut and potted tulips during Parkinson Awareness Month in April. Tulips are sold in bunches (8 stems) or as a potted plant (5-6 stems) in a variety of colours.

Please join us during March and April as we sell Tulips throughout Ontario.

Click here to see all locations selling tulips

Contact Beril.Karasahin@parkinson.ca | 1 800 565 3000 ext. 3338 for any questions you have.

Hope blooms with your support!

How can my Chapter get involved?

Community Sales can take place anytime throughout April and are a great way to spread awareness about your group’s good work.

  • Local Community Sales
  • Encourage your Chapter members to purchase tulips;
  • Request Chapter members to sell to their friends, family, and work colleagues;
  • Reach out to your Farmer’s Markets and set up a booth;
  • Host a tea party and sell potted tulips;
  • Ask your local service clubs.

What are the Chapter benefits?

It’s a fundraising opportunity for the Chapters. CNO will once again be offering tulips to our Chapters at the reduced purchase price of:

  • $8.50 per bunch (CNO retail price $10.00)
  • $9.00 per potted tulip (CNO retail price $10.00)
  • Chapters are free to charge their own fair market value. All monies collected above the CNO invoiced amount are to be kept by the Chapter for local efforts.


  • Chapter orders 200 bunches and 50 potted tulips
  • CNO invoice: 200 x $8.50 + 50x$9.00 = $2150.00
  • Chapter sells the bouquets for $10.00 and potted tulips for $10.00
  • Total Revenue: 200 x $10.00 + 50x$10.00 = $2500.00
  • Chapter fundraising revenue: $2500.00 – $2150.00 = $350.00

Chapter Summary Order Form (Download)
Parkinson Coordinator Summary Order Form
Tulip Worksheet
Hope in Bloom Poster

For more information please contact your local Community Development Coordinator.