August 2015 - Make Seniors Care a ballot Issue in the Upcoming Federal Election

August 2015 - Make Seniors Care a ballot Issue in the Upcoming Federal Election

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), in conjunction with an alliance of partner organizations (the Alliance) including Parkinson Society Canada, have launched, a campaign to build a community of support for a National Seniors Strategy and make seniors care a major issue in the upcoming federal election. allows individuals to add their voice to the call for governments to fix the current health care system and provide sufficient care for older Canadians. The Alliance is calling on the next federal government to have a national seniors’ strategy in place by 2019.

Today, 14 per cent of Canada’s population is over age 65 and 85 per cent of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s are over the age of 65. In addition, seniors account for almost half of the nation’s health costs, with Parkinson’s having the third highest direct healthcare costs for neurological conditions annually at more than $120.4 million, after epilepsy at $209.7 million, and Alzheimer’s and other dementias at $527 million. With our aging population steadily increasing, those costs will only increase. By 2036, those over 65 will make up a quarter of the population, yet they will account for 62 per cent of our health costs.

The Parkinson’s Community is asking the Government of Canada to take a leadership role in developing a National Seniors Strategy that will address the social, economic and health care needs of our citizens. The first step to moving this forward involves convening a meeting of all provincial and territorial premiers to discuss seniors’ issues. Other priorities include setting national standards for access to services in palliative care, long-term care, home care and providing meaningful support for caregivers.

Parkinson Society Canada invites you as a member of our community to add your name and voice to the call for a National Seniors Strategy. The Parkinson’s Community cannot afford any more years under our antiquated health care system. The federal government urgently needs to address the current shortcomings of our health system in order to meet the growing and evolving needs of an aging population. A stressed and inefficient health care system is already a reality in Canada. If our government does not work to address the diminishing state of our nation’s healthcare system soon, we will continue to see declines in overall health outcomes and increased burdens and stress placed on our caregivers.

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