Genetic Fairness - November 2012

Support Bill C-445 and Help Put an End to Genetic Discrimination

Did you know Canada is the only G8 country that does not have legislation to protect its citizens from genetic discrimination?

On October 1, 2012, Private Member’s Bill C-445 was tabled in the House of Commons. Introduced by Libby Davies, MP (NDP - East Vancouver), Bill C-445 calls for an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act to add genetic characteristics as prohibited grounds of discrimination.

Currently, Canadians are experiencing discrimination from employment, insurance and disability policies based on their genetic information.   There is a genetic form of Parkinson’s disease that impacts a small percentage of the population; and people with a family history of Parkinson’s are being denied insurance. This is genetic discrimination and it is unfair and unjust. 

Genetics is a vital area of Parkinson’s research with the hope for finding a cure and better treatments. But people are reluctant to participate in genetic research because they fear discrimination. 

Join Parkinson Society Canada and the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness in establishing genetic legislation in Canada. Write to your Member of Parliament asking them to support of Bill C-445 and put an end to genetic discrimination in this country.

To aid you in this effort, Parkinson SocietyCanada has provided a sample letter on this issue that can be personalized and/or tailored to your own experience. Please let us know at, if you decide to contact your MP.We greatly appreciate your efforts in this important matter. For more information about genetic discrimination, see Ask the Expert – Genetic discrimination: Beware.