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 A major milestone for two friends and Parkinson’s Community
 Parkinson Canada growing its reach thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation funding
 There is hope in our walk
 200 years closer to unlocking Parkinson's disease
 The DWP Intergenerational Dance Project Showcase: A Stunning and Profound Dance Commentary on Aging and Youth
 Parkinson Canada reaches out to pharmacists to enhance their ability to advise people living with the disease
 Parkinson Canada research sparks meaningful impact
 Parkinson Canada reaches out to pharmacists to enhance their ability to advise people living with the disease
 Everyday heroes fund extraordinary researchers by taking part in Parkinson SuperWalk
 Do something grand this Grandparents' Day
 Parkinson's learning module aims to enhance nursing care
 Parkinson Canada launching two support groups in Montreal
 The Nose Knows: LCBO raises funds and awareness for Parkinson Canada
 Dr. Postuma talks to CTV Montreal about early indicators of Parkinson’s disease.
 Bucket lists the new way to give for National Volunteer Week
 Today is World Parkinson's Day!
 Communities across Canada are gearing up for Parkinson SuperWalk 2016
 Find out how Parkinson's changes everything during Parkinson Awareness Month this April
 Have you lost the sense of smell? Is your hand writing getting smaller?
 This Leap Day, commit to taking a flying leap
 Some things don't change: Canadians share their parents' values
 Scientists seek greater understanding of complex disease with Parkinson Society Canada funding
 Everyday heroes honour couple's memory by raising funds and inspiring hope through Parkinson SuperWalk
 Everyday heroes raise funds and offer hope and support for Canadians through Parkinson SuperWalk
 June 2015 – Bill C-68: A Good First Step for Genetic Fairness But Not Far Enough
 A Parkinson’s diagnosis at any age has unique challenges
 It takes more than two to tango to study the benefits for people with Parkinson’s
 April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month
 Community spirit helps Parkinson SuperWalk hit the 25-year mark
 New online tool trains doctors to diagnose and treat Parkinson's
 New video featuring Canadians living with neurological conditions
 Scientists seek greater understanding of complex disease with Parkinson Society Canada funding
 Canadian study of neurological conditions provides new vital information on the impact of Parkinson’s disease
 Parkinson SuperWalk inspires families to celebrate hope over adversity
 CALL TO ACTION: Write to your MP about the release of the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions
 Dealing with Dementia: Life Beyond Diagnosis
 Parkinson’s disease and depression
 Everyday heroes raise funds and offer hope for Canadians through Parkinson SuperWalk
 Parkinson Society Canada Celebrates World Parkinson Day and Volunteer Week by Honouring Extraordinary Heroes with National Awards
 No cape, no problem! Join Parkinson SuperWalk and be an everyday hero to Canadians with Parkinson’s
 Parkinson Society Canada Celebrates World Parkinson Day and Volunteer Week by Honouring Extraordinary Heroes with National Awards
 Update – Requip class action lawsuit
 2011.04.04 - April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month
 2011.04.11 - April 11 is World Parkinson’s Day
 Parkinson Society Canada urges Canadians to sign the Global Parkinson’s Pledge
 Alberta Parkinson organization receives highest honour from Parkinson Society Canada
 Parkinson Alberta organization amalgamates to better meet needs
 Parkinson SuperWalk funds new resources in five languages
 Canadians coast to coast raise hope, awareness and funds for Parkinson’s
 Parkinson Society Canada bestows highest honour on Toronto volunteer
 Appin resident Yvon Trepanier recognized for vision, leadership, and sense of hope
 Ontario researchers receive $433,443 from Parkinson Society Canada
 Parkinson Society Canada bestows highest honour on Newfoundland & Labrador volunteer
 Alberta researcher receives $100,000 grant from Parkinson Society Canada
 Awareness Month 1
 Challenges with movement only half the story in Parkinson’s
 2012.03.28 - April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month
 2013.03.27 - April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month
 Get ready, get active! Parkinson SuperWalk 2012 online registration opens
 Physical activity antidote for Movement Disorder
 World Parkinson’s Day is April 11th
 First-ever Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease to lead to consistent diagnosis and treatment across Canada
 Does your dog have what it takes to be Parkinson's top dog?
 Ingersoll hero celebrated for leadership in the fight against Parkinson’s
 Walking towards a better tomorrow
 Coast to Coast Support for Parkinson SuperWalk delivers unprecedented results
 2012.11.27 Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario celebrates nine research awards
 Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario celebrates nine research awards
 2013.04.03 - SuperWalk Families Walk with Hope Together
 2013.04.11 Every Day is Parkinson’s Day for Families and Caregivers across Canada –
 2013.04.25 Parkinson Society Canada Announces Awards During National Volunteer Week
 2013.05.13 Unleashing the watchdog protein
 2013.05.29 - Cutting-edge Research and Medical Findings on Parkinson’s Disease
 2013.06.20 - Pause For A Cause: Who Will Be This Year’s Parkinson’s Top Dog?
 2013.07.11 - New Name, New Location – Same Caring Organization: Parkinson Society Ottawa announces big changes
 2013.09.04 - A step towards making a difference in the lives of many Canadians
 2013.09.26 - Parkinson Society Canada welcomes 3,000 international participants to WPC
 Parkinson SuperWalk Supporters Fund Critical Research and Hope for a Cure
 Parkinson Society Canada gains special charity accreditation from Imagine Canada
 New Peer-to-peer Education Outreach Improves Clinical Care for Canadians with Parkinson’s
 A Parkinson’s diagnosis at any age has unique challenges
 2008.09.15 - SuperWalk 2008
 2009.09.14 - SuperWalk 2009
 2009.07.20 - Research
 2009.04.21 - Non-motor symptoms
 2009.12.02 - 2009 National Volunteer Awards
 2009.12.01 - Kingston volunteer receives national award from PSC
 2009.11.25 - Toronto scientists awarded $150,000
 2009.10.20 - Chewing gum holds promise for people with Parkinson’s . . .
 2009.11.04 - Ottawa scientists awarded $205,000 by Parkinson Society Canada with funds raised in SuperWalk
 2009.03.27 - Local Research Team Discovers Increased Prevalence of Parkinson’s Disease in Manitoba
 2009.06.05 - Charities applaud Government of Canada's research investment in neurological conditions
 2010.02.08 - Saskatoon top Parkinson SuperWalk for 2009
 2010.05.12 - Distinguished Canadian neuroscientist addresses Parkinson’s community in Ottawa
 2010.04.06 - Awareness Month News Release
 2010.07.20 - Young Canadian inspires others to new heights
 2010.08.04 - Parkinson SuperWalk funded researcher aims to improve quality of life for Canadians living with Parkinson’s
 2010.08.31 - Newfoundland sport fisherman finds support through Parkinson SuperWalk to battle everyday struggles of living with Parkinson’s
 2010.09.12 - Hope in action drives Canadians with Parkinson’s to reach record
 2010.09.28 - Canada named host of World Parkinson Congress in 2013
 2010.11.16 - Ottawa scientists zero in on causes and treatment of Parkinson’s through study of proteins, gene mutations and potential drug treatments
 2010.11.16 - Local Ottawa hero lauded for service to Parkinson’s community
 2010.11.23 - Parkinson Society Canada awards record amount of funding to Quebec scientists
 2010.12.01 - Helping people with Parkinson’s find the right words, one of five novel research awards granted
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 Study provides first link between two major Parkinson’s genes
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 Donald Calne Lectureship
 Dr. Robert L. Nussbaum (Toronto, 2016)
 Dr. Ali H. Rajput (Saskatoon, May 2014)
 Dr. Virginia Lee (Montreal, October 2013)
 Dr. Matthew Farrer (Vancouver, October 2012)
 Dr. Stanley Fahn (Toronto, June 2011)
 Dr. Andres Lozano (Ottawa, May 2010)
 Dr. J. William Langston (Calgary, January 2009)
 Dr. Anthony E. Lang (Ottawa, January 2008)
 Dr. Anthony Lang (2007)
 Dr. Jon Stoessl (Ottawa, November 2006)
 Dr. Zbigniew Wszolek (Winnipeg, November 2005)
 Dr. Oleh Hornykiewicz (Toronto, November 2004)
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 Biomarkers - Dr. Michael Vesia - Opening a new window on the link between intention and action in Parkinson’s Disease
 Biomarkers - Dr. Christopher Phenix - Peering into the living brain
 Causes - Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell - Investigating fungi: A new frontier in Parkinson’s disease
 Causes - Eric Shoubridge, Professor - Discovering the role one tiny protein plays in causing Parkinson’s disease
 Causes - Jacob Aguirre - Discovering a way to put Parkin to work
 Causes - Dr. Joel Watts, Professor - Chasing the culprit in Parkinson’s disease
 Causes - Dr. Jungwoo Yang - Helping cells cope with stress
 Causes - Stefano Cataldi, PhD student - Repairing the transportation system within our brain cells
 Causes - Dr. Abid Oueslati - Understanding how Parkinson’s spreads through the brain
 Causes - Dr. John Woulfe - Alpha-synuclein in the vermiform appendix of Parkinson disease patients: A window on disease initiation
 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship - Dr. Ariel Levy, Clinical Fellow - Smoothing the course of Parkinson’s medication
 Cognitive Impairment - Dr. Catharine Winstanley - New hope to halt compulsive gambling
 Complications of Parkinson’s disease - Dr. Marc Roig Assistant Professor - Exercise to change the brain
 Complications of Parkinson’s disease - Neuronal correlates of turning impairments in Parkinson's disease
 Neuroprotection - Andrée-Anne Poirier - Second brain becomes the first line of defense
 Neuroprotection - Dr. Jonathan Brotchie, Senior Scientist - A pharmaceutical workhorse leads the way
 Neuroprotection - Dr. Wei Yi - Preventing brain cells from running out of fuel
 Quality of Life - Sohail Noor, PhD student - Lighting up the brain under treatment
 2015-2017 Projects
 Dr. Jacques Montplaisir - REM sleep disorder as a precursor to Parkinson’s disease
 Natasha Radhu - Bringing the brain back to a healthy balance
 Sarah Coakeley - Diagnosing rare forms of Parkinson’s disease
 Charles Ducrot - Critical connections among brain cells
 Chelsie Kadgien - Tracking the Transportation Gene
 Dr. Geoffrey Hesketh - The value of basic research: discovering links to Parkinson's
 Austen Milnerwood - Silencing defective genes: a possible treatment strategy
 Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau - Building a better mouse
 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship
 Dr. Sean Udow - Diagnosing and treating cognitive deficits with Parkinson’s disease
 Cognitive Impairment
 Dr. Bradley MacIntosh - The pulsating brain and its implications for Parkinson’s disease
 Dr. Frederic Bretzner - Location, location, location: the right target for deep brain stimulation
 Dr. Emily Hawken - Parkinson’s and the female brain
 Dr. Philippe Huot - Testing a new way to treat dyskinesia
 Quality of Life
 Kaylena Ehgoetz Martens - How anxiety triggers freezing in place
 Dr. Siegfried Hekimi - Screening for chemicals that could keep brain cells healthy
 2014-2016 Projects
 Francesca Cicchetti, Professor, Laval University
 Dr. Daryl Wile, Clinical Fellow, University of British Columbia
 Omid Tavassoly, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Montreal Neurological Institute
 Kwang-Soo Kim, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
 Jean-Francois Trempe, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, McGill University
 Mattia Volta, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia
 Patrick Flood, Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta
 Dr. Suneil Kalia, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto; Scientist, Toronto
 Naila Kuhlmann, PhD student, University of British Columbia
 Scott Ryan, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph
 Prof. Mohan Babu, Assistant Professor, University of Regina
 Dr. Tohru Kitada, Adjunct professor, University of Ottawa (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
 Cognitive Impairment
 Jessica Trung, Master's Student, University of Montreal
 Leigh Christopher, PhD student, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
 Alexandru Hanganu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Montreal
 Dr. Ronald Postuma, Assistant Professor, McGill University Research Institute
 Paul Cocker, Ph.D. student, University of British Columbia
 Alex MacKay, Professor, Department of Radiology, Physics and Astronomy; Director, MRI Research Centre, University of British Columbia
 Mark Carpenter, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair, School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia
 Professor Julien Doyon, Department of Psychology, University of Montreal
 Eric Dumont, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Sciences, Queen's University
 Dr. Philippe Huot, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Université de Montréal
 Dr. Camila Henriques de Aquino, Clinical Fellow
 Quality of Life
 Jessica Grahn, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario
 Jessica Grahn, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario
 Ken McRae, Professor, Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario
 Matthew Sacheli, PhD student, University of British Columbia
 Kim Jameson, PhD student, University of British Columbia
 Nadhir Litim, Graduate Student, Le Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec
 Frédéric Calon, Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Laval University
 2013-2015 Projects
 Dr. Antonio Strafella, University of Toronto (Toronto Western Research Institute)
 Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati - Development of skin biopsy as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s disease
 Dr. Abbas Sadikot, Professor, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
 Dr. Drew Kern, Clinical Movement Disorders Fellow, Department of Neurology, University of Toronto
 Martin Duennwald, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology,University of Western Ontario
 David Park, Professor and Assistant Dean of Research, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,University of Ottawa
 Karl Grenier, Doctoral student, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
 Pascale Legault, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Université de Montréal
 Paul Marcogliese, University of Ottawa
 Consiglia Pacelli, Postdoctoral fellow, Université de Montréal
 Dr. Ali Salahpour, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Toronto
 Matthew Tang, Post-doctoral fellow, McGill University (Montreal Neurological Institute)
 Omid Tavassoly, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Montreal Neurological Institute
 Nicolas Giguère, Graduate Student, Université de Montréal
 Dr. Tohru Kitada, Adjunct professor, University of Ottawa (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
 Julie Nantel, Assistant Professor, School of Human Kinetics/Faculty of Health, University of Ottawa
 Quality of Life
 Joseph DeSouza, Associate Professor, Psychology Department, York University
 Jean-Francois Daneault, Doctoral student in neuroscience, McGill University
 Maxime Doiron, Doctoral candidate, Laval University
 Jocelyn Faubert, Professor, NSERC-Essilor Research Chair, School of Optometry, Université de Montréal
 Yana Yunusova, Associate Professor, University of Toronto; Adjunct Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
 Dr. Julius Anang, Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University
 George S. Robertson, PhD., Professor of psychiatry and pharmacology, Dalhousie University
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 Advocacy in Action
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 Parkinson Canada Ambassadors rally to help get Duodopa approved in British Columbia
 I want to help in BC
 I live in Nova Scotia - I want to help
 I want to help in Nova Scotia
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 August 2013: Patient Evidence Submission – NEUPRO®
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 Earl and Shirley Simard - A Lifetime of Music Helps Couple Cope
 Arthur Palmer - A Simple Choice Helps a Complex Challenge
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 Shirley Roberts - Above and Beyond: Caregiver Uses Personal Experience to Help Others
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