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Joyce Gordon, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada (centre-right, holding report), and Health Minister Rona Ambrose (centre left, beige jacket), attend a group photo session with representatives of other members of the Neurological Health Charities of Canada after the Minister announced the release of the report on the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions in Canada during a related event in Ottawa on September 11, 2014.

Parkinson Canada Advocacy Framework 2014-2020

Take a look at our interactive framework to learn more about our advocacy priorities, the people involved in our initiatives, the actions we are taking, and what we hope to achieve for Canadians affected by Parkinson’s disease. Click here >>

September 2015 – Opportunity to share your views on assisted dying with the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is currently holding a public consultation regarding the decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada in Carter v. Canada, a case pertaining to the legality of assisted dying. The federal government is engaging Canadians and key stakeholders to help inform its response to the Carter ruling.

We encourage all members of our community to participate in this consultation, to ensure the views of all who are affected by Parkinson’s are taken into consideration on this important issue.

To share your views on assisted dying, please click here. The deadline for submissions is October 11th 2015.
For more information on the government’s consultation for assisted dying, visit their website.

August 2015 - Caregiving issues elevated in federal election campaign: Recently, caregiving issues were highlighted during the federal election campaign. The Liberal Party of Canada announced its intention to expand the Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefit to include those who support loved ones with serious illnesses and to also accommodate the episodic needs of caregivers. Currently, this benefit only provides EI to those caring for loved ones who are dying.

This announcement builds off the recent expansion of the Compassionate Caregiver Benefit from 6 week to 6 months as stated in the 2015 budget and is fully in-line with Parkinson Canada’s pre-budget submission. Given that getting an end of life diagnosis for those with Parkinson’s is often very difficult, these new measures will increase the Parkinson’s community access to the Compassionate Care Benefit.

When speaking to a Liberal candidate on the campaign trail, be sure to thank them for making caregivers a priority. When speaking with candidates from the other parties, ask if they will provide meaningful caregiver support by extending the Compassionate Care Benefit to include caregivers of loved ones with serious chronic or episodic medical conditions. For more information, please see the joint news release of Canadian Caregiver Coalition, Health Charities Coalition of Canada and Neurological Health Charities Canada. Parkinson Canada is an active member of all three national coalitions.

Recent highlights:

Thanks to our Ambassadors, we’ve achieved incredible results in 2015 - More >>

December 2015 -  Rotigotine patch for Parkinson’s receives recommendation from Government of Canada - More >>

August 2015 - Make Seniors Care a ballot Issue in the Upcoming Federal Election - The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), in conjunction with an alliance of partner organizations (the Alliance) including Parkinson Canada, have launched, a campaign to build a community of support for a National Seniors Strategy and make seniors care a major issue in the upcoming federal election. - More >>

June 2015 - Parkinson Canada submits second Patient Evidence Submission on Rotigotine patch - More >>

June 2015 - Bill C-68: A Good First Step for Genetic Fairness But Not Far Enough - More >>

May 2015 - Parkinson Ambassadors needed in your riding! Parkinson Canada is currently recruiting representatives from federal ridings across Canada to join our National Advocacy Network as Parkinson’s Ambassadors. We are looking for motivated individuals to help move Parkinson’s issues forward in the 2015 election and beyond. Click here to read more.

April 2015 - SHARE YOUR STORY: Compassionate Care EI Benefit for Caregivers - More >>

April 2015 - Senator Judith Seidman delivering a statement in the Senate on Parkinson Awareness Month. Click here to listen to the statement.

April 2015 - Extension of the Compassionate Care Benefit for Caregivers, boosts in saving mechanisms for seniors, and increased research funding - More >> 

March 2015 - Rick Dykstra, Conservative MP for St. Catharines delivering a statement in the House in recognition of Parkinson’s Awareness & Parkinson Canada’s 50th Anniversary. Click here to view the statement.

March 2015 - Parkinson Canada’s 2015 Day on the Hill - More >>

March 2015 - Government takes a big step forward to address the needs of the Parkinson’s Community. More >>

January 2015 - Genetic Fairness Update: Response to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association - More >>

January 2015 - Joyce Gordon Presents to the Senate Committee on Human Rights - Genetic Fairness - Click here for more >>

January 2015 - Genetic Fairness Update: Response to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association - Click here for more >>

December 2014: Canada needs genetic fairness legislation President and CEO Joyce Gordon made a presentation on December 10, 2014 to the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on Bill S-201, An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination. Along with several others, Gordon testified on behalf of those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions, in favour of genetic fairness legislation. More >> 

December 2014 - Getting the Parkinson’s Voice at the Dementia Table - Parkinson Canada is working to achieve positive change for people living with Parkinson’s disease and dementia as it is an issue that affects many in our community. More >>

November 2014 - New video featuring Canadians living with neurological conditions - Alex Noble, an 80-year-old man living with Parkinson’s disease for more than 11 years, is one of the inspiring Canadians featured in Neurological Health Charities Canada’s new video, stemming from the release of the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions. More >>

September 2014 - Canadian study of neurological conditions provides new vital information on the impact of Parkinson’s disease - More >>

August 2014 - CALL TO ACTION - Write to your MP about the upcoming release of the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions

Parkinson Canada requests that members of our community write a letter to their local MP, informing officials that Canadians are interested in the results of the Study and are watching to see what the Government of Canada does with the information gained from this research. More >>

August 2014 - Parkinson Canada makes federal pre-budget submission to support Canadians with Parkinson’s

Parkinson Canada is pleased to share our Pre-Budget Submission, submitted to the Government of Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance to support the development of the 2015 Federal Budget. Parkinson Canada made two recommendations – expansion of EI Compassionate Care Benefits and genetic fairness legislation – to better support Canadians affected by Parkinson’s.  More >>

April 2014 - On April 1st, volunteers and staff representing Parkinson Canada were in Ottawa meeting with federal officials to kick off Parkinson’s Awareness Month. More >> 

February 2014 - Parkinson Canada is pleased to announce Bill S-201, An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination, reached second reading in the Senate. More >>

February 2014 - Request for Personal Stories: Parkinson Canada is asking our community to share their personal story of how they have been affected by genetic discrimination. More >>

November 2013 - Have Your Say: Input Needed from the PD Community by December 2. The National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions (NPHSNC) is nearing completion, and stakeholders are being consulted once again for their input. More >>

October 2013 - World Parkinson Congress Policy Forum
Parkinson Canada was proud to kick off the 2013 World Parkinson Congress (WPC) by leading the inaugural WPC Policy Forum from September 30 – October 1, 2013 in Montreal.  More >> 

October 2013: Genetic Fairness for Canadians Takes a Big Leap Forward. Parkinson Canada would like to commend our community’s ongoing efforts to ensure our elected officials understand the importance of genetic fairness in Canada. More >>

October 2013 - CETA Encourages Research Investment In Canada. In November 2011, Parkinson Canada submitted a letter of support to the Minister of International Trade during the government’s negotiations for CETA. More >>

September 2013 - Parkinson Canada Supports the AllTrials Campaign. Parkinson Canada recognizes the importance of transparency and unrestricted access to clinical trial results. We are pleased to sign the AllTrials petition and support this important initiative. More >>

September 2013 - Patient Evidence Submission – NEUPRO® With the support of our regional partners, we are pleased to report more than 600 members of the Canadian Parkinson’s community participated in the online survey  to better understand the perceived need for access to the drug NEUPRO®.  The high number of responses provided excellent support with our Patient Evidence Submission to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH), submitted in August 2013. More >>

August 2013 - Genetic Fairness Update - Parkinson Canada and the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness are calling again for your help to ensure that the Government of Canada puts an end to genetic discrimination. Write to your Senator asking them to support Bill S-218. More >>

May 2013 - CALL TO ACTION! Address the funding cuts to Centre for Movement Disorders in Markham, Ontario, by participating in our letter-writing campaign to the government, calling for a Movement Disorder Strategy in Ontario. More >>

April 2013 - The Honourable Senator Judith Seidman read a statement in the Senate in honour of Parkinson's Awareness Month.

April 2013 - Have your say today: Parkinson Canada is conducting a patient and caregiver survey until April 21st to better understand the perceived need and desire for the Parkinson’s drug called NEUPRO® 

November 2012 - Call to Action: Did you know Canada is the only G8 country that does not have legislation to protect its citizens from genetic discrimination? Please join Parkinson Canada and the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness in establishing genetic fairness legislation in Canada.

April 2012 - Parkinson’s issues well represented in front of federal health committee. Read the recent update in e-ParkinsonPost.

January 1, 2012 - Health insurance and ‘genetic discrimination’: Are rules needed?

December 13, 2011 - Parkinson Societies in Ontario made a presentation at a pre-budget consultation meeting to Ontario’s Minister of Finance, the Honourable Dwight Duncan. A submission to Ontario’s Finance Minister in support of this presentation was made in January 2012.

November 2011 - NHCC submitted a brief outlining the elements of a National Brain Strategy, to the Senate Committee (Social Affairs, Science and Technology) responsible for making recommendations on Canada’s current Health Accord.

November 2011 - Genetic Fairness update

October 2011 - Parkinson Canada submitted a brief to the federal Health Committee to provide information for their study on Aging and Chronic Conditions and to ensure Parkinson’s disease remains a priority with federal decision makers.

May 2011 - Parkinson's Advocacy in Ontario newsletter

April 8, 2011 - Parkinson Canada is committed to a National Brain Strategy. Take action today and make your voice heard. Keep Parkinson's and the need for a national brain strategy top of mind among the Federal parties. Download your 2011 Federal Election Advocacy kit (PDF).

April 4, 2011 - The NHCC has been working to identify priority issues to gain support for a national brain strategy. Read more in the latest issue of Brain Matters (PDF).

March 22, 2011 - Download the Your Brain supplement - National Post (PDF)

March 1 and 2, 2011 - On Tuesday March 1 and Wednesday March 2, Parkinson Canada participated in the NHCC/Public Health Agency of Canada progress and update meeting for the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions. Three national surveys and 10 research projects are underway. Research teams gathered with stakeholders, federal health portfolio staff and NHCC representatives to present research plans and collaborate.

March 1, 2011 -  The NHCC and Parkinson Canada welcomed Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care, the Honourable Deb Matthews, along with three hundred guests at "BrainWave", a celebratory dinner. View pictures of the event.