Stories from the Front

Stories from the Front


Alice Templin, 61, set out on the hike of a lifetime, the 800-kilometre Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Angelina Batten, a Speech-Language Pathologist working with Western Health in Newfoundland, has gone above and beyond for her tight-knit community of people with Parkinson’s.

As with many people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Noëlla Chicoine thought she had a rare disease that no one else had and that no one could relate to.

As the only movement disorder specialist in the Montérégie region of Quebec, Dr. Martin Cloutier is a crucial healthcare provider for the local Parkinson’s community.

More familiar to working with elite athletes in need of a training program or exercise regimen, Jessica Lewgood was forced outside her comfort zone when she was approached to run a Parkinson’s specific exercise program in Regina, Saskatchewan.

When Martin Parker reached out unsuccessfully to touch the ’s’ key on his computer keyboard he just assumed he was injured.

While many of us see sandy beaches and reclining chairs as the ideal vacation getaway, Linda Jean Remmer, diagnosed with Parkinson’s in late 2009, is much more inclined for remote destinations and adventure.


When John Kiefer, a heavy mechanic from Saskatchewan, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009 at age 41 he wasn’t caught off guard.

David Lee and his wife Mona are naturally positive people who have stayed that way through David’s Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2007.
Diana, who also suffers from Dystonia and Celiac disease, was emotionally drained after her Parkinson’s diagnosis
When Jim Long’s sister Pat was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease in 1972 he wasn’t overly involved in her care.
Bill now serves as a volunteer extraordinaire for Parkinson Society Maritime Region
Borgny of Ontario, diagnosed at age 80

Callum enjoys raising funds for Parkinson's

Five mornings a week, Carole and her exercise buddy take a 50-minute stroll along the waterfront

To help keep depression at bay, Cindy volunteers with Parkinson Society Southern Alberta
Cory spent his final year of university planning a cross-country cycling tour to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease
At 42, Dan had to go on disability

Every Thursday morning, Diane heads to her community sports and recreation centre
When fatigue strikes, Else has to stop what she’s doing and take a rest
Don of Manitoba, diagnosed at age 34, used to glide across the ice as a hockey defenceman

Walking through a crowded room takes all of Doug's concentration

The family will head out on SuperWalk with Hayleigh leading the way

Staying on her feet is a problem for Helen, diagnosed at age 43
Wielding what looks like a tennis racquet with half the handle, Jacques, 60, slowly hits a ball against the wall of the racquetball court

Janice recalls weeping inconsolably on learning of her sister Beth’s Parkinson’s diagnosis

Jim tries to walk 5 kilometres every day

When Joy was diagnosed at 45, her youngest child was three  
Judy of Ontario, diagnosed at age 29

Kenny finds it a little tough to get going in the mornings

Linda Jean took up exercise in her 40s, determined to bypass a family history of heart problems

Lynda of Ontario, diagnosed at age 34

Baking a cake takes Maureen of the Maritimes twice as long as it used to

Pat of British Columbia, diagnosed at age 47

“I’m starting to stutter and stammer a little more than I’d like to,” says Peter
Rex of British Columbia, diagnosed at age 41

Ryan of New Brunswick had noticed weakness in his left arm and hand at 26

Robbie of Quebec, diagnosed at age 28

Deep brain stimulation surgery put the guitar back in Ron's hands

Ruthie leads hiking groups through the Canadian Rockies, all year round

It’s the little things that drive Shelby, diagnosed at age 40, round the bend

Stephanie was upfront about her medical condition when she met her partner

At 34, Tammy had to give up her job assembling power seat adjusters

Like many people with Parkinson’s, Walter has a shuffling gait
Jenna raised $11,626 all on her own for the Winnipeg Walk as part of the Young-onset
Tim, a registered nurse, was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s diseaseLike many people with Parkinson’s, Walter has a shuffling gait
Cindy was diagnosed in Halifax at the age of 35 raised $11,626 all on her own for the Winnipeg Walk as part of the Young-onset
Dianne van Vessem, a member of the Saint Margaret’s Bay Group, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years ago.

Viola, diagnosed at age 44, draws strength from her faith and takes refuge in creating art