Key Priorities

Parkinson Canada is committed to supporting Canadians affected by Parkinson's in the following areas:

Health Care Access

To ensure timely access to affordable and effective therapies, diagnostics and health services. Read our 2017 Plan for Parkinson’s in Ontario (PDF) for details of the types of initiatives we request from provincial governments. Visit our Access to Treatments page for our current campaign to provide access to DUODOPA® to more Canadians.

Caregiver Support

To help caregivers maintain their own physical and mental well-being. See our Advocacy in Action section for recent progress in this area in Ontario. Read our 2017 pre-budget submission to the Ontario government for caregiver support.

Genetic Fairness Protection

To protect Canadians affected by a genetic condition including Parkinson's disease, from genetic discrimination by employers and/or the insurance industry. See our Advocacy in Action section for recent progress in this federal advocacy area. More details can also be found here.

Neurodegenerative Research

To receive accelerated and targeted investment in neuroscience and Parkinson's research. See our Advocacy in Action section for recent developments in this area, including our request to the federal government to fund a Canadian Parkinson Network. Read our brochure for federal government decision makers on Transforming Parkinson Research in Canada.

Income Security

To protect people affected by Parkinson's disease from poverty.

Neurological Issues

To ensure the specific needs of those affected by neurological conditions are recognized and addressed. See our Coalitions page on recent accomplishments and progress we are making in this area.