National Research Program

National Research Program

Parkinson Society Canada is the only organization that specifically funds Parkinson’s research in Canada. Together with regional partners, our National Research Program invests in Canadian research from the ground up - starting with the discovery stage - funding only those projects that meet a standard of excellence and that are relevant to Parkinson’s.

Our approach to funding means that rather than awarding a limited number of large projects, we fund a larger number of smaller grants to researchers working on a wide variety of projects. The result is more researchers exploring novel ideas, providing a crucial foundation for advancing knowledge, improving treatments, developing potential therapies, and ultimately finding a cure. Download the National Research Program brochure (PDF).

As of July 1, 2014, Parkinson Society Canada and its regional partners are proud to support 29 new grant, fellowships and student awards.

These new awards represent a total of $1,645,332 committed to support new research projects in Canada over the next two years.

This includes:

  • 12 Pilot Project Grants
  • 3 New Investigator Awards
  • 4 Basic Research Fellowships
  • 2 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship
  • 6 Graduate Student Awards

Funding for Pilot Project Grants of Frédéric Calon, Francesca Cicchetti, Julien Doyon, Ron Postuma is being provided by the Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson*

Funding for Pilot Project Grant for Alex MacKay is provided by the Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson* and Parkinson Society British Columbia

Funding for the Graduate Student awards for Nadhir Litim and Jessica Trung is provided by the Quebec Parkinson Network

Funding for the Basic Research Fellowships for Alexandru Hanganu and Omid Tavassoly is provided in partnership by Quebec Parkinson Network, Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson* and Parkinson Society Canada.

Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson is funded notably, by the Saucier–van Berkom Parkinson Quebec Research Fund and Parkinson Society Saskatchewan.

Including 11 research awards in their second year, the National Research Program is currently committed to investing $2,015,332.

Parkinson Society Canada partners with The Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health & Addiction to fund:

  • The Psychosocial Doctoral Award of Dr. Kimberly Taylor
  • The Psychosocial Research Grant of Dr. Jessica Grahn

PSC is contributing $205,000 to these Psychosocial awards.
For more information on these awards including amounts and titles of funded projects, visit funded research.

Parkinson Society Canada is committed to providing funding for:

  • Supporting research
  • Searching for the causes
  • Improving treatments
  • Uncovering the cure