Parkinson Canada provides a broad range of materials to help individuals, families and health professionals learn about Parkinson’s, a complex neurodegenerative disease. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with Parkinson’s for some time, we hope our ‘Resources’ page helps make the process a little easier. We’ve organized a wealth of resources into smaller, more easily-digestible segments that are explained below and also listed on the navigation links on the left side of this webpage.

Parkinson Canada Publications
With input from health professionals based on the latest evidence, Parkinson Canada produces materials covering a wide range of topics (from facts about disease to a guide on non-motor symptoms) in printer-friendly formats for people with Parkinson’s, for caregivers and for health professionals.

Education Materials in Other Languages
Canada is known for its diversity and a significant proportion of its population does not report English or French as their spoken first language. In addition to English and French materials on this website, Parkinson Canada provides its four most popular publications (10 Steps to Taking Control; Parkinson’s: The Facts; Parkinson’s Medications: What you need to know! and Progression of Parkinson’s disease) in the top five most common languages spoken: German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Punjabi.

Web Links
If you’re looking for the latest information on Canadian drugs and health products approved by Health Canada, results of the latest research studies or for a speech therapist, you need to visit our Web Links page. It has links to Canadian and international medical journals and associations, relevant Government of Canada sites and many more.

From ‘Acetylcholine’ to ‘Wearing-off phenomenon’, our glossary will help you better understand the most commonly used medical and technical terms in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease. If you do not find the definition you need, contact for further assistance.

Webcasts and Webinars
From time to time Parkinson Canada hosts webinars led by reputed researchers and clinicians.

PDTV - Parkinson Video
PDTV offers a range of speakers on the topic of Parkinson disease.